Bad Weather didn’t slow down my being Naughty!


Ice & Snow did inflict the area, but not bad enough to interfer with my dart across the river on Friday eve for a bit of Naughty Fun.  Decent crowd at Hustler with several couples floating through the halls.  One nice couple was doing a show in the theater.  She was wearing black and those sexy glasses.

Her hubby/bf was chowing down at the Y which revealed a cute, trimmed pussy.  Unfortunately, he was not in the sharing mood.  However, she definitely was game!  She would rub cocks and let guys sneak a feel when his attention was covered by her muff.   What an great visual of her legs spread wide, nice handfuls of Titties out, and strumming that clit like a Electric Guitar!   It was a great theater sex exhibition. All too soon, hbf popped and out they went.

A walk through the hall found a couple barricaded in a side booth.  No good peep had there.  Sounded like he was trying to fuck her through the wall.   I was tired by now and ready to brave the cold ride home.  I made it to the parking lot and found warmth.   A couple I knew from the old Colony dazes was park by the MVmobile.  I was soon invited back to the NoTell Motel for some nice reconnecting. 

Del & O had been inactive for several years due to his health.  But, O was still a randy old bitch who wants some hard cock every month or so.  I had hooked up with them before for motel fun.  They are not into the ABS/Theater sex as much as they had been in the past.  They pick out a lucky gent(s) for a private funtime elsewhere.  Del just watches and provides security so that O can have her fun.

Let me tell you about the first time I met them…after the break!



Christian school teacher put on paid leave after nude photos of her surfaced on ‘revenge porn’ site

By Alex Greig

PUBLISHED: 12:13 EST, 6 December 2013

A teacher at a private Christian school has been placed on administrative leave after nude photographs of her surfaced on a ‘revenge porn’ website.  The teacher was put on paid leave Monday from her position Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy while the school investigates the matter.

The photograph was posted online on November 23. The teacher reported her iPhone 4S missing to Westchester police the following day.  A spokesperson has confirmed the teacher is not in the classroom while the school looks into the matter.

'We can confirm we have an employee who appears in some photos that have been compromised and made digitally available,' spokeswoman Jennifer Murphy told USA Today.   By compromised, I do mean were made available without her knowledge or consent.’

The school’s has a code of conduct and morality that staff must agree to abide by, Murphy says.  The investigation will attempt to discover how and why the image came to be online. One photo is a selfie taken in a private residence’s bathroom mirror naked from the front with one of her hands on her hip and the other with the smartphone camera.

'There is a really thorough investigation going on at the moment, and that's really all I can say about it,' Murphy told WCPO.  The teacher, Jaime Climie, who is regarded by friends, family and colleagues as a kind, generous and loyal woman, doesn’t know how the goodness hit the internet but the school is apparently investigating the matter.

The website on which the racy images were posted is full of comments from users who appear familiar with the teacher.  ‘Really sad, but not surprising. I’ve seen her at the gym and heard rumors about her and others before. Feel terrible for the husband and kids! They don’t deserve this!’ wrote one.

Read more:

Another reminder about the dangerous use of cell phone cameras.  Will folks ever learn?

Topless Kansas City woman chases Peeping Tom through store

By Michael Walsh / Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 2:29 PM

A topless woman sprinted through a Kohl’s department store to nab the Peeping Tom who allegedly shot video of her trying on bras in the dressing room.  “I just screamed and chased him topless through the store,” Jeanne Ouelette told KCTV. “I know I shouldn’t be chasing someone … I was just enraged. I was at a store in a very private place, and I was enraged and I wanted to get the phone.”

Ouelette, of Kansas City, Mo., said she didn’t catch the man she saw sticking a smartphone under the dressing room wall to record her bare breasts — but the cops did.

Jeremy Bradley was busted about three blocks away from the Lenexa, Kan. store.  He was charged with breach of privacy, a misdemeanor. If convicted he faces up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Ouelette said she is disgusted Bradley only faces a misdemeanor. She thinks he is clearly mentally ill and needs treatment, fearing that his alleged behavior might escalate, KCTV reported.

Read more:

Hell haft no fury like a woman caught topless in a dressing room!

A third of Brits have sex with a colleague after the office Christmas party


WHEN the champagne flows randy office workers can’t keep their hands off each other, with a whopping 31 per cent admitting to sleeping with a co-worker at the company’s Christmas do.

The study of more than 1,000 people, conducted by dating site extra-marital dating site, found that 60 per cent of partygoers had also kissed someone at their seasonal bash.

Meanwhile, 50 per cent admitted they got carried away and made a fool out of themselves in front of their work friends and bosses.

Alcohol seems to be the great cause of Christmas party bad behaviour and is the reason 15 per cent of people call in sick the next day with crippling hangovers.

For others, booze acted as a truth serum and 24 per cent they told their boss what they thought of them while 25 per cent decided to chat their boss up!

Ava Cooper from the website explains, “When you work with someone day in and day out you can form close bonds.

Read more:

Reminds me that my office xmas party is next week.  The problem is that we no longer have any good lookers left.  And I really don’t need to get THAT drunk at the office party.

Why ‘Masters Of Sex’ Is The New ‘Mad Men’

The Huffington Post  |  By Hilary Miller Posted: 12/07/2013 11:14 am EST

Since “Mad Men” Season 6 came to an end this summer, there has been a Don Draper–sized hole in our TV viewing schedule. But never fear, Showtime’s latest mid–1900s drama “Masters of Sex” is all that you’ve been missing, wrapped in a comparably sexy package.

"Masters of Sex" tells the true story of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who pioneered research of human sexuality and sexual response from the late 1950s through the 1990s. The show starts off with the characters at the very beginning and the result is a scandalous, sexually–charged look into what has become a delightful decade to watch on TV.

It’s got all of the scandal, fashion, drama and depth of character that you love from “Mad Men.” Just replace advertising with sex research and you have the perfect formula for your next favorite show.

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I love it!  Plus Lizzy’s pert tits are awesome!  I expect this show to win several ‘Pullies’ at  MajorVoyeur’s 2014 Pud Puller Awards. 

Nude Games name change expected to help attract hundreds to Maslin Beach

MORE than 450 nudists are expected to flock to Maslin Beach in January for the Nude Games.

The Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games - formally known as the Maslin Beach Nudo Lympics - will return in 2014, after months of controversy over its name.  “The change to the Nude Games emphasises that this is exactly what this event is - fun and games,” event organiser David Pillar told the Southern Times Messenger.

"The event has always been about a fun day at the beach so in a way it’s worked in our favour."  The games changed their name from Maslin Beach Nudo Lympics after the Australian Olympic Committee warned organisers against using the previous name earlier this year. 

The event includes a three-legged race, a frisbee competition and Miss Maslin Beach.  Mr Pillar said the event attracted people from overseas and interstate and he encouraged locals to see what the games were about.

"Once the clothes come off, you’ll be like the rest of us," he said.

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Do you really want to see Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail compete in Beach Games?

Which State Has the Largest Penises? The Answer Might Surprise You

December 4, 2013, recently compiled a state-by-state ranking of penis size. This survey was based on the website’s sales of large-sized condoms. 

North Dakota won. Followed by Rhode Island then back the other Dakota to the south.

Lots of caveats here. Including the fact that results might skew to rural states, or areas where condoms and corner stores are not near at hand. And, of course, and unfortunately, not all men with large endowments use condoms. 

And lastly, for those who might be feeling insecure, size really is not always the thing for all partners.   Here is the Top & Bottom Ten to help you cheer or jeer!

The top ten:

1. North Dakota
2. Rhode Island
3. South Dakota
4. Washington DC
5. Massachusetts
6. Ohio
7. Arizona
8. Alabama
9. New York
10. South Carolina

The bottom ten:

40. Kentucky
41. Texas
42. Indiana
43. West Virginia
44. Missouri
45. Alaska
46. North Carolina
47. Wyoming
48. Arkansas
49. Hawaii
50. Mississippi

Read more: or

Well, 44 out of 50 is ok, I guess.  Angry Inch Worm now forlorn & switching to metric. 

Thursday Spotlight ~ Mixture for Test
Last one.


More on the first meeting with Del & O.  But first, you have to drop some Quarters into…

…The WayBack Booth!

imageDec. 1999image

Del & O was a couple I got to know back in the Wild Daze of my Colony Excursions.   I was working on bringing a newbie into the scene and had picked that chilly night in early December to ease her into the lifestyle.  Betty was a young woman who while not very attractive (ButterFace!), was built with big bumper pads! She was at least a 40 double D’s and a tight ass.  I got her to dress for the theater (Adult Style!) in spite of the cold night.  She had a mini jean skirt and a scooped neck blouse with a bra straining to pop those melons out.  Definitely put her Jugs on the top shelf.



I had been seeing Betty for a few months and was clear from the beginning about my love of ABS/Theater Sex.  She soon had me telling of my experiences and what I saw in those darken rooms.   It got her hotter than a firecracker and was soon ready to experience it first hand.   Colony was a good spot to test the waters with a newbie.  Very controlled and easy to set the pace of the encounter.  I guided her back to the dance floor and asked Angel for drinks.  Angel work as a server back then and there are lots & lots of adventures I could detail on that hot, horny gal.  Not the focus of this one though. 

As we sat listening to the music, I notice another couple had entered and were looking for a spot to sit.  I motion toward a couple chairs next to us and they made their way over.  Del introduced himself and his wife, O.  We chatted as the show on the dance floor got more intense.  Betty was a bit timid, but soon eased up as her natural horniness kicked in…along with several whiskey sours.  O did a great job getting Betty to relax and join in on the comments we were making about the two couples fucking on the dance floor. 

O said that she was getting hot and stood up.  We watched as Del unbuttoned her coat and opened it a bit.  Wowsers!  She had absolutely nothing on underneath.  She had a really NICE body with nicely trimmed pussy.   O moved over next Betty and I with a wicked grin on her face.   She asked if we would like to touch her.  Betty reached out to play with her nipples and I laid several fingers into her slit. I could tell she was really enjoying everything because she was getting quite WET.  Squishing noises could be heard as I rubbed deep into her pussy. 

I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock, which was responding to all the activity on the stage and from watching Betty explore O’s body.  Betty while enthused with her new friend, wanted to taste my dripping cock.  So she bent over and took my cock into her mouth.   Not to be left out, O knelt down on my other side.   I reached over and played with her breasts as her hand went down and cupped my balls, stroking them as Betty plunged my cock over and over again into her mouth.  After several moments, O bent over and took my cock from Betty’s mouth into hers.  That is the ultimate achievement for any man to have two ladies work over your Johnson while sitting back with a good drink and a sex show on stage.  It really is the Zenith!

After swapping my cock back and forth, O shuffled over to Betty and got her to lean back, exposing her shaved pussy as her skirt was shoved up.  O went muff diving and set off lots of big orgasms for Betty. She lick her clit and worked fingers deep into her now wet pussy as her other hand reached up to playfully tweak her nipples.  After quite a long time of this, Betty pushed O backed and returned the favor.  I knew that Betty was bi and did want to get her nose quim deep.  Both gals got their scents mixed and some nice O’s.  We guys were in high gear after that show. 

Soon, Del suggested we head to the couples theater to continue this fun.  We got the gals separated and together enough for the trip to the theater.  After a quick restroom break and drink refill, we were able to latch on to a side couch, plenty room for our bulk.  Betty wasted no time pushing me over onto my back and climbed on top of my re-hardened cock, slipping it deep inside her dripping wet pussy.  She rode me hard like that, her bra & blouse discarded, tits bouncing in front of my face.   Del had lined up O on her back so that she could reach over to play with Betty’s wildly bouncing beach balls.  Me, I hung on for dear life! 

A black couple came over to our couch and he had her down doggy style to fuck as they both watch us.  Betty kinda slowed down, but I told her it was ok, they would not touch unless given permission.  Del and O grinded to a halt soon enough.  He must have saving up cause she was dripping all over the place when they moved over.  The black gal ask to eat out O and was soon deep into the cream pie as her stud kept plowing up her backside.

Betty was on overload now and squealing constantly from all the orgasms.  She wore out too soon though from all the play, sights, and fucking.  I eased her over and got her drink for her to recover (I hoped!).   O and the black couple soon finished.  They went back to the other side of the theater.  O slipped her coat on and asked Betty to go to the restroom with her.  It’s a Girl Thing! 

I was still lock and loaded but not able to complete the fire mission.  Del was drifting bad and I decided to check out the singles theater.  After hitting the restroom, I checked the theater across from it.  There was a plump older woman sucking off all who got close to hungry mouth.  Plenty had already deposited from the looks of her glazed hanging boobs.  I stayed and watch her quickly drain several more.  No fucking though her man told everyone, she just wanted to suck cock.  No problem with that!

I decided to check out the middle theater and found a crowd toward the front.  I worked my way through and saw that O was entertaining several gents at once.  She was knees deep into the theater seat, hanging over the back.  Two cocks were sword fighting for entry into her mouth as a black dude was shoving a stove pipe of a cock deep into her pussy.  Must have used 55 gallon trash bags for a condom.  It was BIG!  And she was taking it all.  I worried where Betty was and went out to the bar area.  She was talking to Angel and definitely was done for the evening.  I explained that was just checking on her and if it was ok, I wanted to say goodbye to Del & O.  She was fine with that and really just wanted to hang there in the bar until I was ready to leave. 

Back to the singles theater I went.  O had not changed positions, but looked to have went through most of the Penis Gallery already.  Different dudes were at her mouth and an older gent was making motions in her pussy.  Not sure what he felt after that log jam.  O spotted me and asked if I wanted a special treat.  Oh, yes!   O finished off the two guys quickly, dripping their spent globs from her tits.  The older guy, she reach around and got him off in her hand.  She walked out naked after handing me her coat and we went into the couples theater. 



Del was out on the couch, lightly snoring.  O got me on a different couch and went to talk to to the black couple we had watch them play with earlier.  O explained when she brought them back that she wanted to fuck him, but his date wanted some white strange.  Del doesn’t fuck anyone but her.  Guess who the lucky stand-in was?  Oh, fucking yes!  The black gal was game and we soon were pawing each other, getting our clothes out of the way.  O had the black stud down further, already balls deep into her.   My dance card selection was a young, charming dark skin woman, diminutive stature, barely a 100-lbs., with a pert, hand size tits.   I was quickly dripping precum and really getting into hand & mouth stroking.  I was getting close cause of the last several hours of play and sights though and had to slow down her great skills.

BG sucked and licked my cock like it was an ice cream cone. This happened for several minutes till I felt that I was getting too close.  I pulled her up and kissed down her neck as I fondled her heavy breasts, massaging the nipples.  She shudders as her sensories went into overload.   I slide one hand down to her nearly hairless pussy and slowly brushing her clit as I did so. I feel her responding and then rubbed her through several orgasms.  Moved my mouth down to her large nipples and suck and nibble on them making her moan even more loudly.  I felt the clock was ticking now.

My cock was hurting from being so hard. She looked at me and then asked me to fuck her. I wrapped my cock and slid right into her tight wet pussy, going for deep strokes. She moaned and bucked as I pounded in and out of her tight hole.  Not getting good traction, so I flipped her over and begin to fuck her doggy style.  I pounded her pussy while grabbing fist full’s of ass cheeks for better leverage.   I was getting very close as she screamed her final blast.  I slammed into her one last time, then held myself there.

Deep inside of her, my cock spasmed and spewed the large buildup of cream.  I felt her pussy grab my cock and squeeze, milking my shaft for all its worth.  I exploded into her, feeling my cum plaster the insides of the condom.  Involuntarily I thrust deeper into her with every spurt of my cock, making her moan, and grind even harder onto me. We were cumming with each other, riding the waves of our melted centers together.  BG slump down and pulled away cause I imagine her pussy was quite sore from that rough fuck.   My condom was dangling with a full load captured.  I was about to peel it off when I notice O standing next to us.  She gently pulled it off and kissed my dripping, soft cock.  That was very nice dear, she told me as she spread my condom’s load all over her tits.  Wowsers! 

The black couple barely was able to get their stuff together.  O went to wake Del and I stumbled out to the bar to collect Betty.  She was so into her conversation with Angel that she didn’t realize how much time had past.  I had other adventures with O, but poor Betty developed a need for the picket fence and has since embraced the vanilla life.  Thanks for the Mammories!



Keep up with the fast and furious reports that my good friend, Dr. Emilio Lizardo (@LizardoJournal) continues to post on the 2.0 Experience:

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